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Setting up and Troubleshooting Div_lpt 3.1/4.0/5.0

Sometimes div_lpt 3.1/4.0/5.0 doesn't start working right away like it should. Various Errors can occur and cause frustration. These are the most common errors I run into and how they are fixed.

  1. When starting Div_lpt 4.0 you may encounter the error "Lpt Div Key Not Found" and Div will not open. You will want to try the following actions to troubleshoot this issue:
    ** Make sure both the Terminator dongle and the USB plug are plugged into the computer.
    ** Plug USB cable into a different USB port on your computer. Sometimes unstable power can cause the dongle to not show up.
    ** Make sure your printer port (LPT port) is configured correctly. Here is a screen shot of my printer port settings. 0378 - 037f I/O range should be listed under resource settings, if it's not then uncheck 'use automatic setting' and then select settings from the drop down list untill one comes up that has the 0378 - 037f I/O range.
    ** Priter port should be in ECP mode. If it's not you should be able to change this in your computer BIOS settings. These are usually accessible by hitting delete or F2 when your computer is booting up.
    ** Laptop computer is in powersaving mode. Laptop computers cannot be in any kind of powersaving mode when using the terminator dongle. The printer and USB ports need to be properly powered for everything to work. Change the Power Scheme of the laptop by going into the display properties of windows.
    ** Try another computer. This pretty much narrows down whether the dongle is bad or if the first computer has a problem. If the dongle still doesn't work on the second computer then it must be returned for a replacement.
  2. Error when starting Div_lpt 3.1/4.0 "Privledged instruction" and then Div seems to open properly after you click ok on the error. This means that you did not start the userport driver before you opened up Div_lpt. Go and start userport first. Then try and open Div_lpt again.
  3. Error 0101 when trying to anything in div_lpt. The most common reason for this is the phone is turned on while trying to perform operations in div_lpt. Other causes can be: Insufficent power from usb cable. Try another usb port, try changing power scheme of laptop computer to Desktop mode. This error can also be caused by a damaged Terminator Dongle Cable.
  4. Error 3608 when flashing ARM CPU. This means your dongle is bad and must be replaced, or that your phone has a bad chip and that chip must be replaced. The only way to test this is to try out the process on another phone.